The Bucket List

This is my bucket list where I write down all the things I want to do, feel, experience and accomplish before I bid this world farewell. Some of these are far-fetched, but who knows, right? 🙂

  1. Go camping and mountain trekking at Osmeña Peak  (April 2012)
  2. Visit my friend’s hometown (Bukidnon) and try horseback riding
  3. Organize a picnic outing (June 2012)
  4. Fall asleep on grassy plains and sleep out under the stars
  5. Go to some province (any would do) and stay there for a few days or maybe a week
  6. Spend more time with the people I care about
  7. Fulfill my own Personal Legend
  8. Learn archery
  9. Buy a small piece of lot (August 2012)
  10. Build a cozy home for my parents/family
  11. Have my dream home
  12. Get myself a life insurance (December 2012)
  13. Learn swimming
  14. Buy a DSLR camera and try my shot at photography  (December 2013)
  15. Start up an SME or become a passive investor (August 2013)
  16. Fly to the moon
  17. Buy a big piece of land in the province (either in Argao, Dalaguete or Medellin); build a rest house and have my own farm (just like my FarmVille) – and probably have a mango plantation or some other fruits and veggies
  18. Have dinner at a place overlooking the city at night
  19. Go on a road trip
  20. Create at least one non-abstract painting
  21. Make a helicopter or a truck from Popsicle sticks and give it to my grandchildren if I have any
  22. Develop the habit of eating vegetables
  23. Learn how to cook
  24. Have a son and name him Johann Zachary
  25. Travel to Macau, Hong Kong or Singapore  (February 2014)
  26. Visit the Vatican City and hear Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica
  27. Learn a new language
  28. Witness a meteor shower
  29. Touch at least one life
  30. Read people’s mind
  31. Know someone so deeply
  32. Go to Baguio and Bacolod
  33. Visit the monastery at Simala (Apr 2011, Sept 2012)
  34. Do something out of character
  35. Drink without limits
  36. Try pottery-making
  37. Develop an app that would be the next big thing
  38. Have a rock garden at home
  39. Receive plants as a gift
  40. Receive a handwritten letter via snail mail

Last updated on Aug. 25, 2013

Last updated on April 28, 2014

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