The Bucket List Revisited

One’s heart may change as time passes. What I wanted before may no longer be what I want now, so it pays to keep our bucket lists constantly updated and aligned with our line of sight.

1.  Go camping and mountain trekking at Osmeña Peak  (April 2012, March 2014)

2. Go on a trip abroad (February 2014)

3.  Get a life insurance (December 2012)


4.  Buy a small parcel of land (August 2012)


5. Start up an SME or become a passive investor (August 2013)


6. Visit the monastery at Simala (Apr 2011, Sept 2012)


7. Buy a DSLR camera and try my shot at photography  (December 2013)


8. Build a cozy home



9. Go on a long road trip 


10. Visit Korea


11. Visit Japan


12. Learn a new language (Korean or Japanese)


13. Jump/Dive into a swimming pool from 10 meters high, like that in Running Man


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