Painful Friday :(

Having a meeting scheduled at 9AM, I woke up early with a nagging headache. I thought it will be gone after an hour or so but that wasn’t the case. Coupled with menstrual cramps, I certainly wasn’t in my best shape today. My officemate told me she experiences headaches every time she had her period. I don’t recall having these in the past though, so I did a little bit of searching  to check if they are indeed related. Here’s what I found:

Many women suffer from headaches at the beginning of a period. They are thought to be caused by a combination of the plummeting levels of hormones that occurs in the day or so before bleeding starts, combined with the release of prostaglandins from the womb that occurs with the onset of bleeding.

You can help to prevent the effects of prostaglandins (which can include period pains, and also digestive upsets) by taking drugs that block their action, such as ibuprofen (available from chemists) or mefenamic acid (available on prescription).

Ugh, so it was all because of hormones! I really thought I was going to faint so I rushed to the clinic right after our training. The nurse gave me two capsules of Medicol (Ibuprofen) and after taking one, I felt relatively better.

Something tells me I need to get back on track and start running again.


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