I’m Sorry, Mr. Yellow Eagle

While we were discussing about some things last Tuesday,  I addressed my office mate, Mr. Yellow Eagle, in a rather impolite manner, as if I was talking to a close friend. Seriously, I mean no disrespect, whatsoever. That’s just the way our team members talk among ourselves.

Mr. Yellow Eagle is technically not part of our team, but I’d say he had become an integral part of it and without a doubt deserves this code name we came up with. (My team mate first thought of Yellow Bird but I wanted something to represent his strong character so I chose Eagle; he also has a bird’s eye view of things. Yellow would stand for being a symbol of hope. When all else fails, we run to him and soon after, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. He was also wearing a yellow polo shirt at the time I decided this code name. Haha. Yes, I love giving names to people I either feel close to or those who’ve earned my highest respects.)

Now going back to that recent incident. I was too late to realize I haven’t known him well enough to understand what could possibly be a big no-no to him, things that he might find offensive, and when he is actually hurt or just feigning it. I could not say for sure. And that’s what bothered me a little. I apologized right then and there, he said he won’t accept it but he was smiling all the same. Though if he is who I think he is, then just as he is kind and generous,  he’s also compassionate and understanding – this I am sure of.

And today (Friday), after a little more teasing and/or bullying, I guess I was forgiven. With that signature sinister smile of his, he said we’re quits. And in that moment I was happy.

I’m sorry, Mr. Yellow Eagle. I’ll try my best never to tease you from now on.

But then again, just as my team mate said, Canoes’ love language is teasing a.k.a bullying. 🙂


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