QOTD: #7

Why are we drawn to certain people?

As I grow older, I realize I have a deep affinity for these kinds of people:

  • one who likes philosophical discussions, and shares about his life, strengths, weaknesses, fears, hopes, dreams and childhood memories
  • one who loves the moon, the stars, and the universe
  • one who shows sincere kindness towards children and the elderly
  • writes or loves poetry
  • prefers handwritten notes, letters

What’s with the question?? I just remembered Carla. She’s one of the awesome people I met this year. With the short time we’ve been together, I had so much fun. Her personality is very interesting; she’s like a Rubik’s cube to me. Haha. And I feel warmth. God knows I’d love to know her better.

So it would seem, this post is really just about me missing my “mommy” Carla. And everytime I miss her laughter, I just read the “Thank You” card she wrote. And then a smile is painted on my face. 🙂

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