About The Author

Hi, I’m Emily, born under the sign of Sagittarius. Story has it, I stayed inside my mom’s womb for ten months. My parents went from one doctor to another; some thought she was having a twin, others believed I would eventually be poisoned or something if I didn’t get out soon enough. (Oh well, in hindsight, I would never want November to be my birth month – that’s one of my least favorite of the year.) The only sad thing about this was that, it must have had some negative effect; all siblings born after me were premature – one died and my mother had to have Cesarean section. 😦

As a child, I used to enjoy biking in our front yard, reading Archie comics and Astronomy magazine. Watching animé is my first love.

In high school, I’ve been hooked into Korean television series. My all-time fave was first aired 12 years ago but I still watch it every now and then. It has a tragic ending – both protagonists died. Well I used to love sad stories just as I used to watch horror movies – until second year college.

Graduated from UP in April 2009 with a degree in Computer Science, I’m now working as a game developer. I won’t talk anything about work here as I plan to keep this space as personal as possible so I might just create another blog intended for that.

On weekends, I enjoy hanging out with friends, having dinner with them, watching movies or just having catch-ups over coffee.

I’m a newbie in this world of blogging and I’m not a writer per se. A space where I can put my thoughts into concrete words – that’s just what I need and this is how this blog came about. 🙂

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