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So it’s been a long time since my last post! A lot of things had happened and there’s so much I wanted to write about; wanted being the operative word. 

I got into the habit of writing stuff but never having the time nor the will to finish them, so they all ended up in my drafts; it’s like sending a text message but with no one as recipient so they stay in your drafts. I’m hoping to change that, though.

Just installed the wordpress mobile app, and I’m writing this post on my phone. So here’s to hoping I would update this blog regularly from now on. 

A cold rainy night! Sleep well, my dear.

A Developer’s Dilemma

Five years ago when I was a graduating student , this question was asked in my first job interview at NEC.

What would you do if you have a conflict with another employee or if you can’t stand someone’s attitude and behavior?

I still remember my answer quite clearly. And right now, I think I’m being put to the test.

I don’t know exactly how to start this post – I just found myself wanting to write things down. There’s no one to talk to, aside from our teammates, that is; because confiding in an officemate, who’s not part of our team, is not a good  idea; telling a friend ain’t any better – all would be considered badmouthing even if that’s not our intention. Perhaps that’s the reason why I’m letting it all out in this blog-post-turned-diary-entry. LOL.

We had raised our concerns to our SM, but the only thing she told us was that we need to adjust. Thinking back, we never had this issue before. And in fact, some people commended our great teamwork. If I were to argue, I’d say things won’t work if we are always the only ones who adjust; I believe there should be some sort of a compromise. But I just let it rest, see how things turn out, and hope it’s for the better.

So what issue am I referring to, really? Working with someone who is NOT a team player.

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What Country in the World Best Fits Your Personality?

Took this online quiz that has somehow become viral on Facebook. Here’s what I got:

Personality Quiz Results
Personality Quiz Results

(1) You are driven in life by the search for meaning and have a passion for culture and religion.  True. I’ve been searching for the meaning of my life for a long time, until I realized that we don’t look for it, but rather, we create it.

(2) You are a deeply spiritual person who thrives in an environment where people question their existence and devote themselves to a higher sense of being. Yes, but I’m not really a “deeply spiritual person”. I have faith in the Supreme Being and I daresay we’re worshiping one same god, and that He goes by many names – for us Christians, he’s the Lord God Almighty. I’m not a regular churchgoer either, but every time I go to church, I’m doing it wholeheartedly and not because it’s part of a routine or someone’s telling me to do so. Faithful but not religious. :p I also think people have souls, and that we have soulmates. Haha

(3) You enjoy a stimulating environment and do best when you are challenged, mentally and spiritually.  Yes. I’m also a believer of positive reinforcements.

(4) You see life as an adventure and enjoy conversing with others on the big philosophical questions of life. Couldn’t agree more! I could do that all day long and still not feel tired. I enjoy listening to other people’s point of view, not only can I learn something from them, I also get to know them a little more deeply. Being an introvert, I don’t open up easily with people, but when I do, I have these kind of conversations with them. 

(5) Whether you are spending time in a bustling market, or meditating in a quiet garden, you are nourished by a society that is devoted to serving others. This I’m not sure of. Haha. The society in which I belong right now is far from perfect. People recognize the cancers of our society, but we are not doing anything to cure it. There are a few, yes, but unless we work together as one, we won’t stand any chance in our fight against it. Many have become passive. I, for one, is guilty of that. 😦

The Bucket List Revisited

One’s heart may change as time passes. What I wanted before may no longer be what I want now, so it pays to keep our bucket lists constantly updated and aligned with our line of sight.

1.  Go camping and mountain trekking at Osmeña Peak  (April 2012, March 2014)

2. Go on a trip abroad (February 2014)

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