QOTD: #7

Why are we drawn to certain people?

As I grow older, I realize I have a deep affinity for these kinds of people:

  • one who likes philosophical discussions, and shares about his life, strengths, weaknesses, fears, hopes, dreams and childhood memories
  • one who loves the moon, the stars, and the universe
  • one who shows sincere kindness towards children and the elderly
  • writes or loves poetry
  • prefers handwritten notes, letters

What’s with the question?? I just remembered Carla. She’s one of the awesome people I met this year. With the short time we’ve been together, I had so much fun. Her personality is very interesting; she’s like a Rubik’s cube to me. Haha. And I feel warmth. God knows I’d love to know her better.

So it would seem, this post is really just about me missing my “mommy” Carla. And everytime I miss her laughter, I just read the “Thank You” card she wrote. And then a smile is painted on my face. 🙂


As I lay here in bed, staring blankly at a book cover and with my earphones on, memories of the past weeks crossed my mind. A few happy ones, mostly worrisome. And once again I am reminded of the big questions in life: What are the things that matter most to me? What are my priorities? My own little troubles and challenges seem so insignificant when I think of my cousin who’s fighting for her dear life.

So I guess this is me feeling a tad bit sad. Painful menstrual cramps ain’t helping either. Wish my fairy godfather would relieve my pains.

Lord, I lift it all up to you. I pray for everyone’s safety and good health. Safe travels for my mentor, too.

And for tonight, I just want to rest. And let things be.

Becoming A Ministry Partner

It was probably around July or August of this year when Marte (one of my teammates) approached me and told me that I was chosen as one of her ministry partners. Their organization, the Victory Church, aims to send missions to different countries to evangelize or spread the word of Christianity. In order to do this, they would need ministry partners to help finance these missions. I was chosen as one, and I had donated P10,000 to help send her to a mission in Vietnam this November. (Each missioner needs around P45,000 to cover the expenses for the entire trip.)

She just arrived from the 10-day mission and as a token of appreciation, she had given me this. 🙂


Hmm.. a bookmark.. Could this be a sign? (I’m planning to get an MBA next year, but that’s another story.)


And a note… 🙂

And miles to go before I sleep…

If you’re a night owl just like me, you may sometimes find it difficult to sleep earlier than your usual bedtime. There are instances wherein you want to hit the sack right away, especially when you’re exhausted after a long day at work. Hours had passed and yet, you’re still wide awake. What do you do in times like this?

Read A Book

I find that reading a book for about thirty minutes or so while lying in bed, makes my eyes tired. Eventually, I’ll fall asleep. 🙂 I have finished The Art of War just recently. And now, I’ve started reading this self-help book.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


Play a Game

I’ve been spending less and less time on Facebook for the last few months. The reason? Clash of Clans. 🙂

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A Developer’s Dilemma

Five years ago when I was a graduating student , this question was asked in my first job interview at NEC.

What would you do if you have a conflict with another employee or if you can’t stand someone’s attitude and behavior?

I still remember my answer quite clearly. And right now, I think I’m being put to the test.

I don’t know exactly how to start this post – I just found myself wanting to write things down. There’s no one to talk to, aside from our teammates, that is; because confiding in an officemate, who’s not part of our team, is not a good  idea; telling a friend ain’t any better – all would be considered badmouthing even if that’s not our intention. Perhaps that’s the reason why I’m letting it all out in this blog-post-turned-diary-entry. LOL.

We had raised our concerns to our SM, but the only thing she told us was that we need to adjust. Thinking back, we never had this issue before. And in fact, some people commended our great teamwork. If I were to argue, I’d say things won’t work if we are always the only ones who adjust; I believe there should be some sort of a compromise. But I just let it rest, see how things turn out, and hope it’s for the better.

So what issue am I referring to, really? Working with someone who is NOT a team player.

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I’m Sorry, Mr. Yellow Eagle

While we were discussing about some things last Tuesday,  I addressed my office mate, Mr. Yellow Eagle, in a rather impolite manner, as if I was talking to a close friend. Seriously, I mean no disrespect, whatsoever. That’s just the way our team members talk among ourselves.

Mr. Yellow Eagle is technically not part of our team, but I’d say he had become an integral part of it and without a doubt deserves this code name we came up with. (My team mate first thought of Yellow Bird but I wanted something to represent his strong character so I chose Eagle; he also has a bird’s eye view of things. Yellow would stand for being a symbol of hope. When all else fails, we run to him and soon after, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. He was also wearing a yellow polo shirt at the time I decided this code name. Haha. Yes, I love giving names to people I either feel close to or those who’ve earned my highest respects.)

Now going back to that recent incident. I was too late to realize I haven’t known him well enough to understand what could possibly be a big no-no to him, things that he might find offensive, and when he is actually hurt or just feigning it. I could not say for sure. And that’s what bothered me a little. I apologized right then and there, he said he won’t accept it but he was smiling all the same. Though if he is who I think he is, then just as he is kind and generous,  he’s also compassionate and understanding – this I am sure of.

And today (Friday), after a little more teasing and/or bullying, I guess I was forgiven. With that signature sinister smile of his, he said we’re quits. And in that moment I was happy.

I’m sorry, Mr. Yellow Eagle. I’ll try my best never to tease you from now on.

But then again, just as my team mate said, Canoes’ love language is teasing a.k.a bullying. 🙂


All In

In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable.
So I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, trusting my gut instincts and going all in.

The stakes are high,  and though I’m not sure if this “project” succeeds, I have a feeling that it will, so I’m financing it anyway. The higher the risks, the higher the return.

A total leap of faith.

So help me God. :))