Random Days in the Life of a Software Engineer

03.17.2013 Went mountain trekking with officemates

A Lonely Tree in the Woods

The RCPI Towers

mountain peaks

a hut in the woods

03.25.2013 Attended Bo Sanchez’ talk at The Grand Feast 

The Grand Feast

Bo Sanchez 03.31.2013 Easter Celebration

Procession at 4AM

Pontifical Mass

03.31.2013 A yummy cupcake given by an officemate

04.04.2013 Dropping by the National Bookstore to check some art materials 04.08.2013 Earth Month Celebration Kick-off 04.08.2013 My favorite view… walking from the office to Ayala  Can we just stop and talk awhile?

night strolling

2013-04-18 13.09.00

2013-06-05 13.14.10

2013-06-05 13.15.16

Marriott Hotel

2013-06-06 13.08.58

05.30.2013 It’s a gloomy Thursday. View from the 16th floor.

2013-06-13 06.53.54

06.15.2013 Watched “Man of Steel”

2013-06-15 12.16.43

07.10.2013 Tried eating rice with many, many veggies haha

2013-07-10 12.38.03

07.11.2013 Stranded

2013-07-11 13.04.21

07.26.2013 Waiting for our food to be served

2013-07-26 12.14.55

07.26.2013 First time to have lunch here. Overall, a good deal

Lexmark Building